Saturday, January 26, 2008

Roses worth 1000 words

What the flowers convey:

Red: "I love you"
Nothing says "I love you" like red roses. Red symbolizes love, beauty, courage, respect, romantic love, and even congratulations.

White: "I am the one for you"
While many send red roses on Valentine's Day, surprise your Valentine this year with white roses that symbolize true love, purity, innocence, reverence, humility, youthfulness, and charm.

Orange/Coral: "I want you in my life" Orange lets the receiver know that you are passionate about them. The color means desire, enthusiasm, and fascination.

Red and White Together:"We are a great match" Send a mixed bouquet of red and white roses to your Valentine to signify unity.

Peach: "Let's make this a memorable Valentine's Day" If you are ready to say, "Let's get together,” peach roses are the ones to choose as the rose color symbolizes intimacy.

Pink: "Thank you" Perfect for a friend that you want to honor on Valentine's Day, pink roses show appreciation, grace, perfect happiness, admiration, gracefulness, and gentleness.

Yellow: "We're friends and I care about you" Another way to honor your friendship, yellow stands for joy, gladness, friendship, delight, new beginnings, welcome back, and remembrance.

Yellow with Red Tip: "I'm falling in love with you" The beautiful sunset roses let that new person in your life know that you want more than friendship—they symbolize falling in love.

yellow rose signifies Joy, Gladness, Friendship, and the Promise of a new beginning. you all know, i really love yellow.


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